A Archipelago – Residential Community

Located at Mooloolaba, A Archipelago is a residential community that allows those with psychological and intellectual disabilities to feel empowered and live semi - independently, fostering the idea of designing beyond compliance. The concept behind A Archipelago is the Archipelago itself i.e. the identity of landform (static spaces), the connection of islands (serene spaces) and the human communication between islands (connection spaces). Each of these spaces are defined as private, semi - public or public spaces and enforce specific design aims that relate back to the concept, these include sensory stimulation, social integration, order and growth.

The Floor Plan illustrates the connection of indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as the connection of materials and thresholds.
Section cutting through indoor and outdoor spaces.
Outdoor Community Garden
Room Module 1

Laura Maciejewski

Laura has always been passionate about creating spaces and environments that mold with the user, with a special interest in designing for disabilities. Laura studies a second major in Architecture and loves crossing elements of architecture with her interior designs to efficiently design spaces for the user.