The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has seen the majority of employees successfully working remotely from home or smaller suburban hubs, making them unable to justify the continued expenditure on unused office space. The demand for better aged care is increasing, whilst the call for centralised office space is decreasing. This is why the re-purposing of empty office buildings as aged care facilities is a practical move that allows for the creation of vibrant new communities, adding value, meaning and purpose personally, socially, economically and architecturally. “Ageless” located at One One One Eagle Street is an aged care facility that aims to improve quality of life through maintenance of health and wellness; a place that focuses on preventative treatment of the elderly but also remains relevant to the younger generations. It is this fusion that encourages the aging population to thrive, whilst inspiring the younger participants to learn and grow through exposure to the lived experience of their elderly counterparts. Therefore, the project aims are to create a place that all generations want to visit, is embraced by the community & sees its residents flourish.

Millicent Mead

With a second major in Industrial Design, Millie has a passion for exploring new and unique ways of occupying space with people at the heart of the design. She thrives to always incorporate universal design and ergonomics within a space, placing high value on the finer details. She prides herself on her ability to communicate quickly and effectively through hand sketching and illustration skills.