Allevi-ate is an inclusive restaurant and hub designed for children with ASD and their families. Driven by the social stigma surrounding people with ASD and their families, 'alleviate' focuses on removing 'The Social Model of Disability' from an interior space. The design provides and environment that accommodates those with ASD in a way which is not de-humanising but through a calm, minimalistic environment design to support them.

The design of the space is in response to a design criteria established through research to ensure the environment achieve the brief of creating a space that supports people with ASD. The concept stemmed from the idea of a ‘cocoon’, a protective, comfortable space that allows an individuals to conceal, evolve and reveal at their own pace. The exterior of the building was designed to give the users an introduction to the interior space, allowing them the time and space to slowly transition into a semi-familiar space due to the exteriors design.
The void and spiral stair case was designed to create a concealed continuous flow, connecting the levels together. The form and material was chosen to create a comforting, minimalistic transition space. It also conceals the upper levels from below allowing the user to become familiar within the space and level they are within without feeling overwhelmed and influenced by the levels above.
Sensory spaces are present throughout each level to ensure that there is a space seperate from the dining and gathering areas for someone with ASD to retreat to , re-adjust in, and eventually re-enter the dining space when they are calm. Each space offers concealed storage within the cardboard tubing to offer resources to assist people with ASD to readjust.

Maddison O'Connor

Majoring in Interior Design and minoring in Interactive and Visual Design, Maddison O’Connor designs with the intent to offer a new perspective. She is passionate about creating innovative spaces that positively impact and changes peoples lives through the exploration of materiality and form.