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A safe place to emerge as an individual. A place that is supportive and comfortable that respects the qualities of each unique individual. Inspired by the identity of living life, Arisen looks at creating an environment for social interaction and expression. The design consist of creating an enrichment hub for adolescents struggling with dyslexia. Allowing for the users to have inclusive collaboration, self-reflection and social connection. The design language came from human cells and how each one is unique to make us who we are. By exploring the problem of dyslexia, ‘Arisen’ creates spaces for reflection and collaboration between self, others and context through a large bright, open, natural and airy atmosphere.

Level 11 – Floor Plan

Level 11


A warm and inviting entry that offers a sense of relief to the user as they first walk in. Keeping simple so their eyes can wonder beyond.



A space within the building that allows the users to connect to the outside while still being within an environment where they feel comfortable. Allowing them to relax and take time for self reflect.



Central point of the two connecting floors. A space where people can gather, mingle and observe within a collaborative environment.



Located to the side in privacy is a workshop space. This is to allows the users to explore their hidden talents without the pressure of being judged or pressured.


Level 12


Creating voids and stairs to transition from one space to another while still have the sense of being connected to the other activities.

Work Space

Creating a working space for the users within the enrichment hub allows them to come to a place they feel like they belong to work with a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. By have sculpture forms allows for the users mind to wonder.The breakout space allows for a quiet spot to chill if working with people, one on one or self development.


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Jacinta Kennedy

Jacinta Kennedy! Completing a bachelor of interior design (honours) and minoring in entrepreneurship, Jacinta has an eye for simple but unique design that meets the needs of the community. She believes that looking beyond the surface of a space and its functions can contribute to those elements that are often forgotten. She strives to create innovative solutions to improve the well-being for people and surrounding environment.