Balanced Residential

Balanced Residential is a multi-residential development model aimed at creating liveable spaces within unused heritage buildings. The model demonstrates an idea of apartment living which provides the basic human needs of a place to eat, wash and rest with communal areas that offer activities and breakout spaces for residents. Balanced Residential aims at creating a space that supports the health and wellbeing of the residents.


Taking a modern twist, the reception area embraces the classic art deco style of brass/gold features paired with expensive finishes like marble, together they create warmth while maintaining modern a style and appeal.

The shape of the front desk was inspired by the main entry void

The Yard

The yard is designed as a community break out space for residents to relax and reset outside.
The main design elements of astro turf and blackbutt decking transcribe the ideas of a typical Queensland home lifestyle.
Communal gardens and large area allows for residents to embrace the community concept and interact with others in the building in a positive environment.
The yard aims at being a place to improve mental health and quality of living with plenty of space and different activities for residents.

The Terrace

The terrace provides an exclusive space for residents and the public to hire out.
When not in use, the space can be used another break out area for residents to access.
The space is refreshing and plays on creating an exclusive experience.
The layout isn’t set and can be rearranging according to how the user needs the space.

Living Spaces

The design for majority of the rooms are split level with bedrooms and bathrooms on the upper level (level 2) and living and kitchen on lower level (level 1)
The layout and finishes are simple as the rooms are designed to be adapted to the future user with no set aesthetic – future residents will have the opportunity to be an individual within the community space.

Josephine Thomas

Majoring in interior design and minoring in visual arts and graphic design, Josephine has an eye for detail and aims to create timeless designs. Josephine believes it is important to consider how space will impact the environment and the user.