Barrack’s Oasis

Barrack’s Oasis is a hotel influenced by the concept of the "stay-cation" and celebration of the Queensland style of outdoor living, to give holiday opportunities to low income families. It is a space where families can escape the stress of everyday life and reconnect with each other. The hotel is a “home away from home” providing a sense of comfort and safety while reflecting the excitement and joy that comes with the experience of a family holiday.

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Ellen Marshall

Majoring in Interior Design and minoring in architecture and communications, Ellen is an enthusiastic and creative designer. A self-confessed “extroverted people person,” Ellen is passionate about the human aspect of design and is excited about creating fun, beautiful and functional spaces that make a difference in people’s lives. As an avid traveler, Ellen loves immersing herself in design beyond our borders, experiencing the creative boost that comes with stepping outside of her comfort zone and injects this inspiration into her work.