BRICKS – A modular hotel

Bricks is not your typical brick and mortar hotel. It is a hotel that challenges the status-quo of accommodation, it is fun exciting and functional. The concept of twisting the grid flows into every aspect of the project creating an unconventional and quirky style of accommodation. The modular nature of the hotel allows it to be assembled, disassembled and relocated for the next festival or event. The hotel is aimed at families, festival guests, staff and performers.


Exploded view of all three levels starting with level 3 at the top, level 2 in the middle and level 1 at the bottom.

The site that has been selected for the 2021 festival season is 275 George St, Brisbane. The above images show how the hotel interacts within the selected site’s floor plate. However the modular way the hotel has been designed allows for it to be placed into any location.

Shapes, colours & materials

To differentiate between the pavilions a colour group and shape have been assigned. This not only is a way finding element for guests but also would assist in the smoother erection of the hotel at each location. The stay pavilion uses blues and greens, and right angle triangles. The blues and greens create a calm and cool environment which will benefit guests after a big exciting day at a festival. The play pavilion uses crosses and pinks and purples, which create an energetic playful atmosphere. And the gather pavilion uses hexagons and yellows and oranges, which creates a bright, happy energetic atmosphere.
The materials that have been used are; brushed stainless steel, tinted plexi-glass, Durra panel which is a Aussie made product that is fire retardant and made of recycled straw. For the furniture we have linen fabric, light stained teak timber and dark brown leather. For the flooring there is a darker stained teak timber, astro turf, terrazzo vinyl, carpet and rubber play matting.

Construction Systems

The image shows diagrams of the exploded view of construction systems as well as the assembled views of the construction systems.

Floor plans

Level 1 has 2 pavilions the gather pavilion (outlined in yellow) and that play pavilion (outlined in pink). The Arrive and departure point is where guests check in and out. The restaurant dining and kitchen is open to both the public and hotel guests. The play pavilion which has been divided in to 3 spaces based on age group; the kids playscape, the teens arcade and the adults bar.
Level 2 has all three pavilions. The stay pavilion (outlined in blue) is made up of 2 accommodation pod types, the basic pod which sleeps 2 and the family pod which sleeps 4. The gather pavilion is made up of breakout spaces which play on the idea of outside inside. In the play pavilion there is a spa and a gym.
Level 3 has the gather pavilion and the stay pavilion. Again the stay pavilion has both basic and family pods. The gather pavilion has the breakout spaces and a games space in the centre.

Stay Pavilion

Perspective view of living space. Corner style bench seat and table to the left with a man and woman sitting at the table. To the right is the lounge space which has a two seater couch and armchair in front of a tv. The walls are a mosaic of blue triangles. There is a large window in back of the room.
The kitchenette has a small fridge, sink, microwave, single pot stove and bench space. The bench is made of a steel frame and has a timber bench top. A man and woman are cooking in the kitchen. The walls are a mosaic of blue triangles.
The sleeping space has two single beds that create an L shape. A double bed is about a meter away from the foot of the single bed. The walls are a mosaic of blue triangles. A lady is lying on the double bed, and a toddler is walking past the single beds.

Play Pavilion

Timber box looking seating with steel cross shaped frames creating high seat backs. Full height windows surround the space. A woman is sitting in the foreground looking at her phone. A man walks past and a couple are sitting off to the left.
The service point has a standing height timber bench. There are pink cross decals on the front of the bar. Cross shaped shelves behind the bar. Low back stools go around the front of the bar. A man is standing and leaning on the left end of the bar. Another man is sitting on a stool talking to the bar tender. A woman is sitting at the corner across from the bar tender, she is talking to another woman who is leaning on a bar stool.
Image 1 - Three teens walking past the arcade game. There are couches to their left. A girl and boy sit on a couch to the right playing a console game. Full height windows are next to them. Cross shaped frames with pink plexi-glass is in the background.
Image 2 - Three couches in a line facing three large tv screens mounted on cross shaped frames with pink plexi-glass. A teen is walking over to the centre couch to play a game. The other two couches have two players already sitting.
The kids play scape is an indoor playground. The hand rails are pale yellow and pink. Red rubber floor matting is used. Full height windows are at the back of the playscape. Cross shaped frames with pink plexi-glass is in the background to the right. Three children play on and around the playground. A mum is on the phone supervising her child and a dad carrying two kids is walking towards the playground from the left.

Gather Pavilion

Image 1 - Point of view sitting at a table, a lady is sitting across from you. Hollow hexagonal frames separate the tables.
Image 2 -  Perspective looking towards the windows. Hollow hexagonal frames separate the tables. A child walks by on the left, and a couple is leaving their table in the centre.
Blood orange, hexagonal rugs are on the floor. Hexagonal shaped timber shelves make the background. Board games and books fill the shelves. Yellow bean bags are scattered on the rugs. A teen and younger sister sit on the floor in the centre of the image play a board game. A man is looking at what is on the shelves to the left of the image. And a lady walks by on the left.
Image 1 - hexagonal astro-turf rugs on the floor, yellow beanbags scattered around. Two hammocks hang from a frame made up of repeating hexagons. Full height windows create the background. A teen is sitting on one of the rugs to the left, a lady is lying on a hammock reading a book and a young girl runs over. 
Image 2 - hexagonal astro-turf rugs on the floor, yellow beanbags scattered around. Two hammocks hang from a frame made up of repeating hexagons. A mum with her baby sit and play on a bean bag. A dad is lying on the hammock closest to the camera. A lady walks by in the background. The wall in the background are a mosaic of pink and purple crosses.

Maddy Lawrence

Majoring in Interior Design, with a minor in Industrial Design. Maddy has a passion for making and creating, and loves design history. While at QUT she has gained knowledge in an array of design areas and discovered a love of furniture design. Maddy is excited to be a sculptor of space and is looking forward to helping clients fall in love with the spaces she designs. Check out some of the other projects she's worked on via Instagram.