Located on levels 29-40 of 123 Eagle Street, COR is a hotel and flexible community spaces aimed at people migrating internationally to Brisbane, particularly those who identify as transnational. COR welcomes short & long stays, encouraging users to connect with each other and the local community through daily events, activities and also offers services to assist in the migration process. It’s intention is to create a positive experience, a warm welcome to Australia.

Inspired by the homes of Sugarbag bees native to Brisbane and South East Queensland, COR features undulating elements juxtaposed against linear details and uses these to ground each space. COR is designed to draw people in both vertically and horizontally and aims to encourage users to interact with not only the space, but with each other – a place of opportunity and community.

Each level is distinct in functionality however encompasses the same design language to create a fluidity whilst users journey up and down. Level 29 is the warm welcome and entry to COR, 30 – the social community, 31 – the quiet community, 32 – 38 – the home (accomodation), and 40 – the wellness community.

Diana Lau

Majoring in Interior Design and having a previous Bachelors of Business Management, Diana Lau has a passion for creating spaces which encourage user connection and interaction. Diana likes to test the boundaries of different materials to produce unexpected yet functional outcomes. She is drawn to organic and fluid shapes and uses a holistic approach as a basis to all her designs.