Elan V.

Located at One One One eagle street Elan V. aims to provide a proposal that repurposes the abundance of empty office buildings in the CBD. Elan V is an easily accessible place of education for the educationally marginalized group of young parents and/or those who are young and pregnant. Elan V. acts to represent those who usually would not be overtly represented in the CBD and to provide a place of community engagement for those who are stigmatized and might otherwise be overlooked. Elan V also aims to re-invent the outdated, linear school model through being a place of encouragement, stimulation and empowerment in a flexible, community engaged and accepting environment in the heart of the CBD. The entire design is based on an abstract representation of the earth and its inner layers.

Charne Nel

I believe interior design is extremely powerful and often underestimated. Taking into consideration that as human beings we spend approximately 90% of our LIVES indoors, I am passionate about improving person-environment experiences and the relationships that people have to the physical environment. I am passionate about creating a sense of place for the people who inhabit the spaces that I design. I want to add a positive experience and an element of joy to people's lives through design. I also find the technical side of design interesting and want to continue to provide environments that are safe and inclusive to all.