Explicit is a queer(ed) night venue precinct located in the Riverside Centre, Brisbane CBD. The venue encourages visitors to understand their own identity constructions through exploration, experience, and expression. It features dance floors, bars, 'play' spaces, and a live performance space.


A mind map connecting queer theory principles, the six stages of coming out, and the journey through Explicit

Queer Theory

The concept is based on the stages of coming out, as well as queer theory, which aims to dismantle heteronormativity through analysis of identity constructions.

The venue offers a safe space for queer and non-queer youths to understand their own identity constructions through exploration, experience, and expression. In doing so, it allows patrons to come out spatially, rather than verbally, thus challenging heteronormative expectations and assumptions.

The design language incorporates principles of deconstructivism, a style based on dismantling constructions and challenging assumptions.
Tenancy layout - Explicit occupies levels five to seven.


Explicit occupies the Vertical Village in the Riverside Centre, spanning levels 5 to 7. These floors form a premium tenancy in the building, offering spectacular views of Kangaroo Point and the Story Bridge at night.

While the Riverside Centre is currently an office building, it will become mixed-use with the inclusion of Explicit, making it more flexible and adaptable in the uncertain world of office work following Covid-19.


Floor plans
Level 5 is the primary clubbing space of the venue. It features three distinct dance floors, and encourages exploration through dim lighting, curved walls, and multi-sensory design.

Level 6 offers connection to others through shared experiences, including sharing food in dining space, and interacting with the ‘play’ spaces – a giant floor keyboard, pool tables, and giant ‘connect four’ seating.

The final floor, level 7, encourages expression of self, with a live performance stage on one side of the floor plate, and an open dance floor (right) with raised platforms and open standing bar on the other side.

Siobhan Trezise

Majoring in interior design with a minor in architecture, Siobhan is an avid proponent of Effective Altruism with a keen interest in spatial psychology and exploring how design can be used to influence change in society. She excels in concept development, always seeking to combine research, theories, and concepts into innovative and provocative design solutions.