Green Meets is a multi-purpose cooking studio aimed to restructure people’s unhealthy eating habits while meeting the organic, fresh dining experience in Brisbane. This project aspires to create healthy practices through developing bespoke kitchens and dining experiences. Thus, preventing dietary-related chronic diseases and improving the health and well-being of the community.

Design Concept

Green Meets aspires to revolutionise dining habits while at the same time inspired by the ‘Wellness Kitchen’. The kitchen could arguably be the most occupied space in people’s homes. It dictates people’s dietary habits, therefore influencing one’s wellbeing. Acknowledging the correlation between fresh food and preventable diseases like diabetes and obesity is paramount for a happy and healthy life. To promote boundless creativity and limitless imagination, the arrangement of the studio adopts the inspiration of organic shapes and open space treatment. When users fully immerse themselves with the studio’s dynamic, they will then understand the journey; that is, to learn, share, connect and celebrate a whole new dietary habit.

Design Principles

01. Meeting the Greens – to ‘meet’ organic foods
02. Framing Users’ Perspectives – create motivations
03. Simplistic Theme – monochromatic and neutral colour schemes
04. Levels of Transparency – enriches the exposure of fresh ingredients

Kitty Chen

Kitty has a strong passion for design and art. Through her understanding of the connection between human experience and space, she believes that minimalism brings more. She is inspired by the process of carrying innovative ideas to practical execution. Her goal is to design stories that creates an emotional response whilst reflecting client’s aspirations.