Hub House

Hub House is a co-living community, located in the heart of Brisbane, Fortitude Valley. Hub House aims to introduce a new style of living within Brisbane that takes away from the negative impacts revolving around Brisbane's current housing models. A community precinct, that invites people from all stages of life to come together and interact as a group. With activities that celebrate diversity and unity all in one, that also tie back to the historic community nature of Brisbane. The residents of Hub House are offered a flexible living style that adapts to their individual, ever-changing needs whilst the lower levels draws in locals from all around to learn, share, connect and grow.

Claudia Thompson

Claudia Thompson has a passion for all things art, and the finer details. Her love and fascination for creating spaces that impact the way users feel has been her driving force throughout her degree. Her growing passion for the correlation between interior design and the wellbeing of users is something that she has progressively explored over the years, and thrives to continue to develop more ways of designing that positively impacts the users of the spaces she designs.