Indi-Green Hotel

INDIGREEN HOTEL is a eco friendly hotel for all the Brisbane vistors, which aims to enhance client’s knowledge of indigenous value by adopting the Lo-Tek knowledge, and also increase the biodiversity of Brisbane city.


INDIGREEN HOTEL as an indigenous-based narrative of the Brisbane river. we look deeply through brisbane’s history, culture and key aspect of aboriginal to support the hotel goal of providing an engaging hotel experience ,and also a large greenery space has been used as echo the flora and fauna of Brisbane’s sub-tropical environment.

The concept of INDI GREEN HOTEL is inspired from Australia geographic, which include desert, mountain and river. Three different geographies will become a story line of the hotel. And also by adapting Lo Tek technique, the rice terrace concept is being used as the outside void to enhance the biodiversity of Brisbane city, and also environmental friendly material is largely used to reach the demand of green building. To enhance the overall phenomenon, the living technique of aboriginal is a key elements of this project, such as curvy camp, fire season and fishing trap.

Exterior Void

The exterior void is inspired from Lo-Tek knowledge. By using the rice terrace concept, the rain water could flow down to the lower level and achieve the goal of water efficient, which is the key concept of green building. And also, the exterior void could enhance the biodiversity of Brisbane city.

story line of the hotel

The Aboriginal six-season calendar that informs the interior material palette.Fire Season is traditionally viewed as a time of rebirth and new possibilities, the Indigenous people would burn the land in order to increase grazing pastures for animals and aid in seed germination; by using colours that draw on the forest-greens and flame-orange hues of these pastures could enhance the overall phenomenon.


waiting area (forest)

waiting area would be widely decorate with greenery


the void is inspired from the fishing technique of local aboriginal



pool area

Wall painting is from Brisbane aboriginal artist Judy Watson.

hotel room

The hotel room is inspired from the living style of aboriginal. Curvy shape is largely used in hotel room as a symbol of indigenous house and also every hotel room has their own indoor garden, which allow every room to decorated with greenery.

Chui- Han Hsueh

Kevin believe interior design is making the best possible use of the available space