Mangrove House

The aim of this project was to create a multi-residential co-living space that focuses on both the local community and welcoming people who are migrating to Australia. The project was about building a space where people feel comfortable and appreciated, a space where opportunities are created for migrants and locals to meet and interact. The Mangrove House design brings residents from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds together to live, work and play in unity. The design promotes a sense of place and community by providing many opportunities to interact with other residents from within and outside the community.

Mangrove ecosystems are like the oceans nursery they host a lot of biodiversity, in part due to the mangrove trees strange root system. The roots serve as a nursery for many fish species. This is where fish can develop into adults before moving out into the big unforgiving ocean. They are dynamic and highly productive ecosystem which help to shelter marine species from predators, mangrove forests are also important nesting spots for shore birds and migratory birds. Similar to the mangrove tree, the building will be a shelter for all who reside there. It will be a diverse space where the user is able to grow and make connections and friendships and find their feet within the community before having to venture out. It will be a fun and enjoyable space for people to learn and understand different cultures and experiences and will help build a stronger and more united community. Like the mangrove tree, the design will incorporate a unique root system of its own – on the lower level there are many different common spaces for people to relax, connect, play, rest, work and share. While the upper levels are like the mangrove’s leafy treetop where birds nest – private apartment rooms are located on level one and two.  The overall design of the building and materials used will reflect the biophilic design ethos and will mimic elements of nature and more specifically the mangrove tree. 

Anna Fortunati

From an early age, Anna has been inspired by new and emerging mediums around the creative arts. Whether it was graphic design, sketching or interior styling, Anna’s experience in retail has enabled her to envision a creative career where she can work to meet the needs and wants of her clients. Anna is passionate about multiculturalism and loves hearing the stories and values derived from nations across the globe. She is a people person, who uses storytelling and creative mediums to express a narrative. Anna is excited for her passionate career in this field, fuelled by a vision for beautiful aesthetics and designing for diversity. Her values for authenticity, fun and creative expression can be easily identified in her work as she wants to create a space where people feel included and valued.