Next Door

Next Door is a multi-purpose facility that focuses on encouraging social interaction by bringing a sense of connection and neighbourhood to the Newstead community. The core ambition is a hub that encourages locals and visitors from far and wide to come and feel a greater sense of belonging in a playful and fun environment. Next Door re-imagines the idea of work, rest, play by focusing on the notion of thoughtful design as a key contributor to hotel efficiency and wellbeing. A place where people can feel safe and secure whilst exciting guests with unexpected experiences and décor.

Nikita Jeppesen

Majoring in Interior Design and minoring in Architecture and Fine Art, Nikita Jeppesen is an exceptionally creative designer who is enthusiastic and passionate about creating spaces which are meaningful and fun. Nikita's background in art means she loves to experiment with different ideas to devise original thought-provoking concepts; she displays a passion for finding innovative and creative solutions to any design problem.