Pipeline is a hospitality venue which centres on spaces of activity, ranging from low social activity to high social activity. The primary concept of the space is to allow the slow progression of spaces toward increased levels of socialisation, to adhere to all degrees of social confidence. With more and more young adults becoming socially isolated, establishing strong social connections has never been more crucial - especially in a time of social distancing and Covid isolation. Pipeline strives to encourage young adults to engage with peers through the act of eating, drinking, cooking and exercising.

Design language

Through the design language, the concept of Brisbane breweries was introduced to pay homage to the heritage of the site and compliment the concept of navigation and process, both evident in the activity of brewing beer and the activities at Pipeline. Additionally, the steel piping suspended from the ceiling throughout the space assists wayfinding, screening and spatial thresholds. Users are able to follow the screening to assist with navigation from one space to the next. As well as this, where necessary, the pipes extend down to create screening for each space (low social activity spaces = mostly concealed whereas high social activity is more exposed). Lastly, the thresholds formed by the piping, allows for pausing and preparation upon entering each space.

Work & rest zone

The Brew Kettle is the name of the work and rest zone, the first space users experience at Pipeline. This is space of low social activity where users can engage individually, though within the realm of others. This zone is centered on concealment, delicacy and modularity to ensure users are comfortable when occupying the Brew Kettle.

A moment to breathe

For those struggling with the intensity of the environment, break out spaces are offered as a moment for users to breathe and take time away from what is beginning to become a bustling environment. The soft interior provides warmth and security for the users, although faces toward the pathway, to avoid disconnection from the space.

Juice bar & dance studio

The juice bar and dance studio are the exercise component of the space and illustrates moderate social activity. The connection between the two creates an energetic and inspiring atmosphere, where users are encouraged to socialise through the act of exercising. Whether this means taking a dance class, or using the bikes at the juice bar to mechanically create the juice themselves, they are connected through endorphins and activity. The design rules here relate to contingency, semi concealment and collaboration.

Central bar

The central bar, the Whirlpool, is the final space in the venue and illustrates the highest level of social interaction. The design rules for the bar, playfulness, opportunity and connectivity, explore user interaction in a variety of ways to encourage spontaneous and comfortable social isolation.

Melanie Johnson

Mel has a strong passion for commercial and hotel design, constantly exploring designs which challenge user experiences and create opportunities for community engagement. Growing up constantly engaging in creative activities, design is a core element of Mel's everyday life. Mel believes that interior design allows her to utilise her passion whilst benefiting various user groups.