REFORMATION sustainable studio

REFORMATION sustainable studio is a concept for a new retail destination. It utilizes a heritage listed building in Brisbane's Central Business District and through the insertion of modular forms creates displays for garments remade from previously used materials. The studio aims to be a destination to educate and inspire and bring back the connection to craftsmen and women through the celebration of their trades. 'New' garments are made through wasted or unwanted materials with a tailor made approach. Remaining fabric is sewn into a ceiling detail feature for an ever evolving space. The main material used to create the space is Oriental Strand Board, a sustainable material made form left over wood shavings.


shoe and handbag display

whole store

change rooms


maker station


Joinery plays an important part of the project. All the joinery aspired to be as sustainable as possible and was custom designed to be constructed from Oriented Stand Board. Each joinery item was designed for an individual purpose, whether to be a seat, a lounge, table, to house shoes and accessories or to display fabrics.

Millicent Griffiths

Millicent Griffiths holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) and has recently completed a Bachelor of Design (Honours) Interior Design. Millicent is passionate about creativity and sustainability. Her projects strive to educate and inspire while having as little environmental impact as possible. Millicent's projects are human centered with the environment at heart.