Ruen Sa-thon: Reflection of Traditional Living

“Using the principle of the Thai and Queensland vernacular style housing to create a premium Thai cuisine”. The design seeks to provide customer’s opportunity to break their barrier between cultures, to celebrate the history of the Thai and Queensland living, and to bring out the charm of the two cultures in order to create the best Thai fine dining experiences in Queensland.

The restaurant was conceived based on my personal experiences and interest as I was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. The love for Thai culture, art and especially authentic Thai food has brought me into this hospitality project. Also, I decided to do premium-fine dining in order to express the richness in culture and offer unique experiences for the customers. This project was developed by exploring the similarity and differences of Thai and QLD housing back in the 19th century. This includes form, plan, materials and pattern to overcome an overlapping between the two to achieve the unique traditional experiences and applied these researches onto my final design. One step inside, The customers will be touched by the sense of Thai and Queenslandness. The interior invokes a sense of antiquity yet, valuable. Follow the path of dining Thai and live traditionally and the highlight is reminiscing the culture of floor dining which reflects the contemporary culture of Thai society from past to present.

Chayanee Voranaprit

“Design is thinking made visual” I believes in unique touches and essences for individual projects and emphasizes on the methodical approach of thinking process in order to meet user needs and the surrounding context.