Sugar Walls

Living in a gendered world that favours males and the male body, Sugar Walls intends to rewrite the current gender bias within our environment. Sugar Walls is redefining the way women use and experience space through an immersive exhibition that aims to engage and educate users on women’s sex education. The building will embody the normalisation and celebration of women’s sex education through using the woman’s form to create an intimate, confronting and celebratory experience. The site is located at 20-22 Prospect St Fortitude Valley with many surrounding bars and clubs that further the need for women’s sex education.

Matilda Salisbury

Matilda is an Interior design student with a minor in graphic design. She is passionate about all things design and believes that interior design has the ability to challenge social, cultural and economic norms. Matilda wants to create spaces that push boundaries and challenge the way in which we currently design.