The Fig Tree Residences

A project addressing the issue of Australia's ageing population; The Fig Tree Residences were designed with the intention of bringing families back together through combined living spaces. Designed with a strong focus on passing morals and culture down to younger generations and allowing the elderly to keep a sense of independence as they age.

The Fig tree residences

Multigenerational living for the modern family

Through the thoughtful application of numerous shared spaces, including spacious courtyard areas located between all residential apartments, communal kitchens and a highly desirable rooftop communal area, neighbors are encouraged to interact with one another, forging bonds between residents to create a community that looks after one another. The Fig Tree Residences acknowledge the stressful decisions adults encounter as their parents begin to age, and aims to ease the distress both parties come under by allowing families to move in together.
Timber paneling has been used strategically throughout the design to physically separate spaces from one another, providing a sense of privacy, while still being visually connected to the surrounding areas. To provide residents a further sense of separation, the two spaces have been designed at either end of the apartment, with a common living, dining and study area between the two. Each zone has also been designed with its own private living area to present as an escape or retreat.

Ashleigh Donald

Ashleigh is an Interior Designer with a strong passion for residential design. With three years experience working at New Home Volume Builders, she loves working alongside clients to understand their personal style, desires and needs to create spaces that are not only beautifully elegant, but also exceed their expectations.