The Hollowtree Apartments

This project is based around the need for a sustainable housing model in order to create a sustainable future. Designed to foster the 3 facets of sustainability, financial, social and environmental, it aims to create longevity in our hones in urban centres by exploring the needs of users.

The Design


One of the main elements of the overall design is connection – connection to people and connection to nature. Peoples need to access both nature and people is necessary to supporting peoples emotional and social health. The walkways create prescribed interaction and by doing this, it provides the needed support for users in order to increase longevity in the space.

the plans


gather nodes positioned on the meandering walkways provide spaces for engagement and interaction between residents. as an extension of the private spaces, they can function as both public and private living spaces to foster social sustainability.

Environmental Sustainability

The design features several environmental sustainability technologies and principles. the use of solar panels creates energy offsetting, while the green roof and wall features limit solar exposure to the building. the void creates a wind channel, allowing air to flow to the back of the building, reducing the need for cooling, while painting the original fa├žade in white, limits heat absorption in the building. Materials were selected based on their carbon footprint, and lifecycle, focusing on products that recycle plastics, or use less water in production. Adding greenery into the garden also increases happiness, but improves the surrounding flora and fauna in the area.

Isobel Ward

Majoring in Interior design and Architecture, Isobel is passionate about natural, minimal and sustainable design, with particular focus on how sustainable design can influence a sustainable future. She is keen to travel the world and experience new ways of designing in order to create her own design style.